21 July 2012

What the !?#@ Wednesday: Week 6 (Finally!)

Welcome to the final week What the !?#@ Wednesdays series.  For 6 Wednesdays I have posted a summary of the things that made me think (or say)..."What the !?#@" during the past week. Have you missed any What the !?#@ Wednesdays?  See week 1week 2week 3week 4 and week 5. 

Okay, so the real question of this weeks (a few many weeks late) What the !?#@ Wednesday is, Where the !?#@ has Kacey been????
Don't worry folks, I'm still here.  Or over there.  Or waaay over there.  Life updates will be posted, but as usual, I'm not promising soon.

Basically, here's a brief summary of what's to come:
  1. Spent 2 weeks between California & Arizona with Aaron (See Part 1).
  2. Cousin breaks her right leg. Lives alone. Up a flight of stairs. 1 mile from the beach in Orange County, CA.
  3. Came home for 1 week.
  4. Hosted a first ever Kacey's Kitchen Cooking Club.
  5. I flew back to California with Sammy (Sammy the cat, let's keep up people).
  6. Aaron headed out of state for 1 month for training.
  7. We (Sammy & I) spent 3 weeks in SoCal.  The night before my flight Super Awesome Cousin and I decide that I should stay another week.  SAC (Super Awesome Cousin) paid for new ticket.  We stayed another week.
  8. Sammy becomes best furiends with Soju and falls in love with California.
  9. We fly home after 4 weeks.
  10. 2 days later Aaron comes home.  2 hours later I get home from the airport with my best friend Jenn who is visiting from NY State.
  11. 2 days later, Aaron comes home from work with a request that we move out of of town as soon as we can. (Yeah, I know that sounds weird with no explanation, but you'll get one eventually and it actually will work out best for us for numerous reasons) For the past 4 days we have been discussing options and logistics, and as of right now we plan on moving within 2 weeks.  Surprise!
Most of you know how much I love packing and moving, so I'm pretty stoked about doing this one ourselves.  More on all of that later though.  Now let's talk about my What the !?#@ experience of the week.
What the !?#@ just happened of the week:

So, on my way home from the airport last week, after traveling with a very patient kitty for 12 hours, I stopped at Subway to grab a sandwich for dinner.  I place my order and am waiting to pay behind this middle aged woman who is struggling to find her payment in her wallet.  No biggie, my sandwich wasn't even done being made. 

The place was pretty empty at this time of day, it had normal service, everything was moving at a normal pace, no one seemed stressed or busy...just a normal get your food and go type of experience.

Crazy Lady finally finds what looks like a Subway Gift Card and asks the cashier if they accept free sandwich cards.  Cashier dude tells her he's unaware that they have free sandwich cards and turns to ask another employee.  All employees are in agreement that they're location has never accepted free sandwich cards, they've never heard of them before, therefore they won't be able to accept a free sandwich card.

Meanwhile, she never actually shows them the card, but I can see it, and it still looks like a gift card.  

Crazy Lady was fine up until this point, calm, collected, just wanting to buy a sandwich.  But then....THEN....she starts freaking a shit out!  It's like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde all up in Subway

Holding up her card she SCREAMS "DOESN'T ANYONE TAKE THESE ANYMORE!!!" Then..."WELL, I GUESS YOU CAN JUST THROW THAT BITCH IN THE TRASH!!!" and she flings the card at the cashier.  Like...not hands it to him at all....she literally holds it between her fingers and flicks the thing at his face, it bounces of of him and flies across the floor.  Everyone in the place just completely stops and stares.  All the employees just stare.  The woman hands over some cash and walks to fill up her soda, as if nothing just happened.

I inch over, and as I hand over my credit card, I say, "Woah, that was fucked up...Well, thanks! And good luck with her."  I then head out.

Of course, by the time I get to the car, Crazy Lady is right behind me and is parked next to me.  Dammit.  Well, nothing happened, but I'm sure if I was still in Jersey, I would have had been tailed all the way home and pushed into a ditch.

Seriously people...What the !?#@ is wrong with you...

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