26 July 2012

Things You Always Never Wanted to Know About Me, Or Something Like That.

So...I don't typically participate in these types of things for a few reasons.  They sort of remind me of those chain letters that we use to get when we were 8 and the chain emails we get now as adults.  You know the ones that threaten the life of you, your love ones, and your furry ones if you don't send it to your 498 closest friends within 15.349 seconds?  While I do enjoy reading random facts about both my real-life and blogging friends and family, and even posting random facts about myself, I feel weird bad awkward making requesting presenting other people with a uselessly made up meaningful award requesting them to actually do something in addition to thanking me.  Another reason is because over on my first real blog, Kacey's Kitchen, I wanted to keep the content on there primarily food, eating, and booze.  Sure, I have veered off of those topics on occasion as I struggled with the direction of Kacey's Kitchen - but that is why I have started this blog, for all the random things in my life.

Now that I've said all that, I've decided to go for it and publicly accept a blogger award!

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by my favorite real-life friend turned real-favorite blogger friend, Jen at Whitfield Awesome.  I've mentioned her before, but if you haven't checked out her site, or even her in real life, you are totally missing out.

As a recipient of this award, there are a few requirements one must do.  And I'm actually going to break one of the rules because I'm rebellious like that.  And really, I doubt Whitfield Awesome has the cojones to take my award away if I break the rules.

Thought: Although...I did just win the Grand Prize Basket of Random Awesomeness over at her blog (told you that you should be following her), so I suppose she could never send me my winnings....

Anywho...the rules are as follows:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. (Check! See Below.)
2. Answer 7 questions about yourself. (Check! See Below.)
3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself. (Check! See Below.)
4. Hand the award to 7 deserving others.  (Nope.)

(I think I just spammed my own blog...*sigh*...)

Instead of thanking Whitfield Awesome again, I thought I would share some photos that will pretty much sum up how we became friends, why we are friends, and why we will remain friends.  Ready?  Of course you're not.

Are you still with me after that?  Awesome!

Time to get started.  Again.

Myself, answering 7 questions about Myself

Q1.What is your favorite song?
A1.Worst question ever btw.  The only thing that beats out the horribleness of that question is "What kind of music do you like?".  But I suppose since I skipped over one of my award recipient requirements, I'd better answer.  My 'favorite' song would probably be the same song I would use as a theme song if I were to ever have a movie made about me.  No Rain by Blind Melon.

Q2.What is your favorite dessert?
A2.Ice cream.  Hands down ice cream. I could eat it every day. And not with crazy toppings, just sprinkles.  Some of my favorite flavors, in no particular order are:  Birthday Cake, Cookies n' Cream, Vanilla, Cookie Dough and Half Baked (by B&J).  I'm also a big fan of malted milk shakes.

Q3.What do you do when you are upset?
A3.If the people around me are lucky, I'll just walk off and come back an hour later.  If not, I'm known for breaking peoples spirits, inanimate objects and making small puppies cry.  I'm a major fucking bitch.

Q4.What do you do when someone gets angry with you?
A4.Hmm...I think I tell them to get over it and make them cry.  See above MFB statement.

Q5.What's your favorite pet?
A5.My favorite pet...of course Sammy the cat.  She's my first 'on my own' pet and first and probably only cat I'll ever own.  I love her, but I also treat her like a dog and expect her to act like one.  But my favorite all time, my poor Bosco brown dog who I grew up with and passed away this year.  He was my confidant and was always there when I needed him.

Q6.Which do you prefer - white or whole wheat?
A6.Out of those 2 choices, I only purchase whole wheat, but more often a 15 grain bread.  If I were to eat white bread, the only things I find appropriate are PB&J's and grilled cheese.

Q7.What is your attitude mostly?
A7.If I'm not mentally preparing future (both likely and unlikely) situations then something is wrong with me.  I'd probably be a better person if I didn't think so much.  Also, if I don't make fun of you or someone else...then I'm probably not feeling very well.


Phew, that's done with, now to the next thing(s)...

10 Random Factoids About Me
1.The sound of children screaming makes my reproductive organs shrivel up and fall out.
2.When I was young I convinced my little sister to ride down a flight of stairs on her bike.  It didn't go so well...for her...
3.She got me back by spraying Windex in my eyes.
4.I didn't eat a fast food hamburger until I was 27 years old.
5.My biggest pet peeve is picky eaters.
6.I would be comfortable living in a nudist colony.
7.I suck horribly at learning new things.
8.If I had a ton of money I would definitely splurge on the following three things: sunglasses, hair styles, and traveling.
9.I can't wait to get a Welsh Corgi!
10.I always wanted to be an underwater photographer and go into a shark cage.

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  1. I ain't mad at ya for breaking the rules. I typically hate this sort of thing too. This time my desire to talk about myself won out over the hatred though. I'm glad yours did too as I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Though the photos made me sad and I shook my fist at the military for making you move. But then was all, "sorry military - you made her move to FL in the first place, we're cool." (P.S. I first read #10 in the random factoids as "underpant photographer" and thought it was a great idea.)

  2. I had to go back and check that I didn't write underpants. Although now that you mention it...maybe it's not such a bad idea!

    Also...I always shake my fists at things that disturb me. Maybe I need to update my answer to Q3

  3. So, I answered most of these questions correctly about you. Perhaps this should have been a quiz about you and the winner could get some cool prize like a crazy unicorn bag or a random painting of a narwhal. Any who, I rode my bike down a flight of stairs? This, apparently, was so traumatic that I've completely erased it from my memory. Your blip about the bike/stair fiasco reminded me of the time you tied me inside a laundry basket and pushed me down the stairs. Which, for the record, I know I consented to and throughly enjoyed.

    P.S. Love you