17 December 2012

I Don't Get It, Vol. 1

Elf on the damn Shelf.  It's not cute.  It's creepy.  And I don't understand the appeal.

I've read peoples blogs, seen the descriptions and the 'point' of it...but I don't get it, and don't like it.

According to elfontheshelf.com:
"The Elf on the Shelf ®: A Christmas Tradition is a very special tool that helps Santa knows who should go on the list of those who misbehave and who on the list of those who behave well."
From what I've witnessed, parents are using Elf to prank children, scare children, and threaten children.  For example, "If you don't do your homework, Elf will tell Santa and you'll be on the naughty list."

Now, I don't really care what you people do with your own kids, but I was a kid once, and I would NOT have appreciated it.  If you need to punish your children, grow some balls and do it...don't blame a 9" plush little boy with a painted face.  Plus...dolls with those fucking creepy eyes are fucking creepy.

Let's check out some of the things Elfy does.
Not cool Elf...not cool at all.
Nope. Not what parents should be doing with a childrens toy.
When I was a kid, lessons were not taught like this.
That's just not sanitary. (Well, neither is the second picture).
Great idea, let's trash our own house and pretend an inanimate object did it.
A few things here.
I thought this is something parents did not want their children exposed too.
And...if an Elf drank all my wine...I'd be pretty pissed.
Call me a party-pooper or an Elf hater or whatever you want.  I don't like it and I don't get it.

To make things worse...What the FUCK is a Troll in the Hole?

What about you?  What do you think of Elf on the Shelf?  What's annoying you these days? Leave a comment!

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15 December 2012

California & Grand Canyon Adventures, Part 9, Day 8

If you need to catch up on our California & Grand Canyon Adventures this summer, check out Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7, and Part 8!

Hopefully I'll finish this series up soon, cause there is so much more to cover in 2012 before it's 2013! Yikes!
Okay. So this day was pretty cool.  It just happened that our friends Nich & Des from back home (East Coast - Holla!) were visiting the fine city of Los Angeles at about the same time we were! This was especially exciting because we don't get to see them very much at all.  Aaron hadn't seen them since our wedding (2 years ago).  So anyway...I had not been to Universal Studios Hollywood ever, and Aaron hadn't been since he was young, and Nich and Des have this uncanny love for theme parks.  It was just a given that we should go.  So we did.
Military Discount Alert!  Do NOT go to Universal or other theme parks WITHOUT contacting your ITT department.  They have the most amazing discounts ever, but you typically have to order them ahead of time direct through your base (or another base).  This is the second theme park that we've gone to getting crazy deals through them (Disney 4-day park hopper for $138 each - hello?!?!).  In this instance, the 4 of us (military member plus a finite number of guests) got a Year Pass plus Front of Line pass for something like $80 each or so (I can't remember exactly how much).  Another awesome thing...you can order ITT tickets from ANY base.  Our base didn't carry Universal Hollywood tickets at the time, so I called Camp Pendleton (different branch) and they overnighted the tickets to me!
Onto our day....

Nich and Des are awesome to theme park with.  My first theme park as an adult was last year (Disney), before we moved from Florida, and I was so thankful that it was just my husband and I.  Asides from having goofy fun (get it...goofy?) together alone, we planned out our day to hit every ride/show we wanted with minimal lines.  We were so stealth running through the park, grabbing a fastpass, running to another ride, hitting up our fastpass ride.  We completed 2 entire parks in one day.  That's really amazing people.  And we couldn't have done it if we were in a group with dilly-dalliers going "uhh...do'r...what do you want to do next?". I couldn't handle that.  People would die.  But Nich and Des were clear and upfront with what they wanted to do in the park, and the 4 of us easily decided how to navigate the park.
 Please tell me you guys remember An American Tale.  If I were a mouse, Fievel would be my boyfriend.
 These things came in handy.  But you know what?  The park wasn't even too busy if we didn't have them.
 I loved how the park is built on a mountain and there are tons of different levels.  Props to Des and Aaron for walking up some  4,908,234 stairs. Give or take a few.
This is what I get for not getting permission for posting pictures of people on my blog.  I think it's kinda funny.  The next few shots are from the Studio Tour, which is something like a 30 minute tram town of, you guessed it, studio tours.

 How they reenact car explosions and crashes.
 I don't even know.
 We all liked the Animal Actors show.  It was pretty neat to see animals like guinea pigs, mice, cats, and others trained to go places on cue.  Afterwards, everyone with Front of Line passes got to stick around and pet some little creatures and take pictures with them.  Can we say STOKED!  Even Aaron bonded with one of them.

 Oh boy... (Made of Jelly Beans)

We had a blast, and it was so nice to do something like that with friends we rarely see.  We didn't want to say goodbye, but we parted ways and headed down to see my cousin Shannon in Orange County.  More on that next!

Hungry?  Check out my most recent post on Kacey's Kitchen, Mushroom & Beef Tacos with Avocado Salsa.

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06 December 2012

MilSpouse First Friday Fill-In (December)

Wifey of Wife of a Sailor came up with this 5 question monthly series to get to know our fellow bloggers better!  Once you post your answers on your own blog, you will submit your link on her site, where all the contributors are listed! Check it, Check it! 

Here's my questions and answers for Decemeber!

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed? I would have chilled out a little more.  Maybe living in the middle of nowhere is starting to get to me, maybe it's preparing to move across the world, but there were a few days this month that I definitely stressed myself out waaay too much.  I also feel like I've been going non-stop and could totally use a day on the couch with a bottle of wine and a Law and Order SVU marathon.  That would totally straighten things out for a while.  Dum-Dum.
2. What was your favorite thing that happened in November? Went to Dallas with friends and ate ungodly amounts of delicious food which made me so freaking happy.  Really, how could we NOT have 2 dinners in one night.  We also John & Sherry from Young House Love at our first book signing.  Oh! And we had our first formal afternoon tea.  That makes us all sound so fancy pants, but don't let that fool you.
3. What is your favorite holiday memory? There is a toss up between 2 specific moments.  Once at Thanksgiving I laughed so hard I fell through my chair.  No joke.  My parents had this beautiful old OLD dining room set that was old.  We never had any issues with it up until then, but it was getting kinda old and the chairs kind of rickety.  *laugh* *laugh* *boom*  The seat of the chair just totally gave way.  Which is weird because I must have weighed all of 100lbs at the time, and my uncle's chair, who was supporting nearly 400lbs was fine. Did I mention the chair was old?
And then there was the time that we look over and my grandmothers head was in my grandfathers lap.  My dad yells, "Mom! Can't you wait until you get home!!!??!" My grandmother was the first one to pick up on it, my mom is yelling at my dad for saying that 'in front of the kids', my grandfather doesn't know why everyone is laughing and yells "Does anyone have a flashlight!?!", and I swear - food and drink must have shot out of everyone's nose.  That was like the funniest shit ever.  We are all still laughing about it, and that must have been 10 years ago.  Oh, the reason it looked like my grandma's head was in his lap was that he dropped one of his pills, and she was looking for it on the floor.
4. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? We are going 'home' during the Christmas/New Years time, so our week is going to be pretty busy.  As of now, the plans are to hang out with my sister in NJ, get a shit ton of pizza *angels singing* (and booze), and just hang out.  I'm sure video games and lots of darts are going to happen. Also, annoying her cats.  Cause that's what we do.
5. What are you looking forward to in December? December is going to be a busy month.  Next week I'm looking forward to packing ALL OF OUR STUFF AND SENDING IT TO JAPAN.  Holy crap.  And OF COURSE I'm so so SO stoked to see my family the week after that.

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29 November 2012

Orders aka Magic Papers

Last we spoke about our future Japan adventures, we had 125 days left in the United States.  As of this posting? 77 days. 77 days left in OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

This can be summed up in one phrase.

Holy Fuck.

It's happening.  It's really happening.  And I'll tell you what's been happening.

After a few weeks of waiting for return phone calls and emails from various staff at various Air Force departments at various Air Force locations, we both completed the necessary various requirements to send in and then patiently wait for various approvals and actual real live orders.  You see, in the military, you are informed (or not informed) of information first.  This is your unofficial-official notification of assignment.  In our case, we were told in March of 2012 that Aaron was assigned to Kadena AB in Okinawa, Japan.  Then a few weeks later Aaron received his RIP1.  This is sort of the first non-official official piece of paper (e-mail) that we get telling us him (at this point, dependents are not yet authorized to go) where and when he is going.

On the RIP, instructions are usually given to go find 'the checklist', contact so-and-so, briefings he needs to receive in order to obtain his orders and entitlements.  This is always a weird time, especially for us because we knew nearly 10 months in advance what his RNLTDwas.  Oh yeah, and during all this, Aaron was assigned a 5 month TDY3 a few hours south (still in good ole Ok-lahoma), and we decided we could be making saving an awesome amount of money if we left our house, put all of our belongings in storage, and I move down with him into a furnished apartment.  So anyway, Aaron started his 5 month initial qualification, I tried to get as settled as possible in a furnished apartment with minimal belongings and no friends (yet), and we both started to plug away at things on the checklist.  Things like: more checklists, more briefings, medical clearance for both of us (does the receiving base have the capabilities of taking care of our needs?), dental clearance (another appointment - does my dentist foresee any major issues while we are in Japan?), etc.  Oh yeah, I also tried (er...am trying) not to go crazy living FARTHER in the middle-of-nowhere-Oklahoma and not having complete control of our moving-across-the-world-planning.

Okay.  So following a checklist seems all easy and fine and dandy and all, so we completed everything just to be told that certain items cannot be completed until 'x' amount of months prior to arriving in Japan.  And the poor cat went through so much trauma to get her all approved to enter another country - that deserves it's own post though.  Let's just say, she has more paperwork than we do.  Making ourselves another checklist full of dates and appointments again, we finally submit everything and receive our orders.

*A Big Sigh*

We received our orders.  Aaron's 3 year tour is accompanied4.  That's definitely something important us spouses want to see on there.  See:

Orders. Check.
Flights to Japan with cat booked. Check
HHG and UB5 shipments booked. Check.
Housing application submitted.  Check.

Oh, and we just received an email from a guy named Aaron who volunteered to be our sponsor! 
Sponsor. Check.

So like I said....moving right along.

Report on Individual Person.  A document with important information on a specific person.

Report No Later Than Date.  Report early, report on time, but do NOT report later than this date.

Temporary Duty.  This is duty assigned somewhere other than the members permanent duty station.  It could be for a variety of time, anywhere from a few days to a few months, and your TDY station could be anywhere in the world.  One thing sort of awesome about TDY's is that they come with per diem pay to cover lodging, meals, and incidentals.  Depending on requirements and how the member handles his tour...you could make some cash monies.

4Accompanied Tour
Command Sponsored.  This means that the military approves you (the dependant/s) to tag along and you and your spouse receive all the benefits of an accompanied tour.  There are many reasons why the military would not want the spouse to go: unsafe, expensive, base not being able to accommodate special needs, etc. WITHOUT your name on the orders, you could potentially go anyway but you might only be able to stay for short amounts of time on a visa from the host country, you won't be able to use overseas medical services, they will not pay to move you and your belongings, you cannot live on base and the military member will not receive any additional funds for you.  Basically, the military won't acknowledge you.  So MAKE SURE YOU'RE ON YOUR SPOUSES ORDERS...or atleast understand why you aren't.

Unaccompanied Baggage.  This is a shipment sent separately from your HHG.  Going overseas, your HHG's are crated and sent over via boat, and could possibly take months to arrive.  Your unaccompanied Baggage is a limited weight of your essentials that you would like to arrive earlier.  UB is sent by plane, usually a few weeks before your HHG's arrive.  Sometimes they come after, but that's just the nature of the beast. Things suggested to include in your UB are extra cloths, pots/pans, linens, etc...  Something good to keep in mind is that during a PCS or TDY you are authorized to use the loan locker, borrowing anything you might need until your shipments arrive.

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26 November 2012

California & Grand Canyon Adventures, Part 8, Day 7

If you need to catch up on our California & Grand Canyon Adventures this summer, check out Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, and Part 7!

Welcome back team.  Things are going forward with our moving to Japan and all that jazz.  In fact, we have our flight booked (with Sammy the Cat) and are in the process of scheduling our 'stuff' shipment.  More on that later.  Today I'm going to continue on with our California summer trip!

We woke up on the later side of the morning, and I'm sure that had nothing to do with Wanda and I staying up 'til all hours of the morning chatting (and finishing off a delicious batch of margaritas!).  Jim was an awesome tour guide once again, driving us around Palos Verdes to check out the amazing views and crazy houses on those 'landslide' cliffs!  Insane I tell you!

I had heard that Venice Beach was a cool area, and I'm not sure if we totally missed the 'cool area' or not, but it wasn't what any of us expected.  The beach and 'boardwalk' area were pretty trashy.  It reminded me of Seaside Heights in New Jersey.  I grew up with that, and I could really care less to see anymore crack heads begging for money on a boardwalk.  

That being said, there were a few interesting sites including best permanent signage:

And best working girl.  I just missed the shot of Jim shoving in a dollar bill.  He's a quick one with those bitches bikinis I tell ya!

There were some beautiful houses along the Venice canals though, which makes me think I missed the nice stuff in town/along the beach.

After leaving Venice a bit disappointed, we headed up to Santa Monica to shop at the 3rd Street Promenade, which was a great outdoor (with an indoor) pedestrian mall.  It was just a few blocks from the boardwalk and ocean, which I visited a few weeks later when I came back to California.  

Aaron and I especially enjoyed the topiary's. 

And even though we were on our way to dinner, we were all pretty starved, so we grabbed pretzels, and a pretzel dog.  This was also our first Wetzel's Pretzel experience.  I felt a little dirty eating this one though....

Next up was dinner at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu.  Although online reviews say that this is a touristy place, it doesn't seem that way.  Apparently movies are commonly filmed here because of the cove and secluded-ness, and even when movies aren't being filmed, you'll still spot celebrities.  We did!  While we were eating, I peered over to see this trio of punk dudes walking down the beach in black skinny jeans and mohawks and leather jackets.  Oh Green Day...aren't you just too cool for Malibu!  Yup, there went Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool strolling past us in waaaay to much black cloths for the beach.  I bet they got tons of sand in their chucks too.

 Now that I'm back into the blogging mood, I should be finishing up this series soon and hopefully get motivated to talk about some current stuff!!!

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03 October 2012

California & Grand Canyon Adventures, Part 7, Day 6

If you need to catch up on our California & Grand Canyon Adventures this summer, check out Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6! 

On day 6 of our trip, we headed back up to Los Angeles with Jim & Wanda...this time, to the downtown area.  On our way through the parking garage we ran into a cop who started chatting with us about our plans for the day.  We were heading to central market when he asked us if we had heard about The Bradbury Building.  We all looked at each other and shook our heads no.  So he walked us to it.  It was amazing!!!
Built in 1893, the architecture of the building has invited itself to be featured in numerous movies, television show and novels.  For good reason too.  This place was sooo neat to look at.
And just across the street....Grand Central Market, the oldest market in the city.  It was freaking awesome.  If I lived near here, I'd be here everyday.  If we didn't already have lunch plans at another LA landmark, I would have tried to eat everything in the market.  So we just picked up some fruit and berries for later.
Pig heads on top of the bike rack outside the market.  I like!!!
Just a few blocks away we rode Angels Flight for 50 cents each.  50 cents to ride the worlds shortest railway (298ft)!  Basically this was built to bring rich folks to and from the fashion districts back in the day.  This day, it brought our group of normal tourists up and down for no particular reason.  It was fun!
To keep up with our fancy pants style, we headed a few blocks over to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.  This. Place. Is. Fancy. Pants.  Big, fat fancy pants.  If you want to stay in style in downtown LA, you could totally stay here like nearly every famous person in history.  I wanted to go here because Ghostbusters (among other films) was filmed here.  And Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time.
By this time, we were pretty hungry, especially after staring at all the yummy goodness at the market, so we started to make our way to our lunch destination.  We parked on the other side of Olvera Street, which is considered the Little Mexico of LA.  Cute little shops and tamale joints.  It just made us even more hungry.
And finally, our destination!!! Philippe's French Dipped Sandwiches.  Another historic site!  One of Los Angeles's oldest restaurants.  And for good reason.  It's a fun little joint, and if I lived in the area, I would come often.
You walk in, the floor covered in saw dust, and you head straight to stand in one of the many lines at the counter.  You tell the ladies what you want, they remember your whole order and run around preparing it.  Then you grab your pile of food and go find a seat at one of the family style tables.

These sandwiches are good. Really, really tasty...and the banana cream pie is fabulous.  With all the au jus (I got mine double dipped), the whole thing is so soft and tasty you can practically swallow it in one bite.  And because you have barely digested it yet, you'll want another one.  Trust me.
You should probably just order 2 to be on the safe side.  It won't go to waste.

By this point in the day, we were full and getting tired, so we headed back to Rancho Palos Verde, but not before stopping at BevMo (um, favorite booze store every!) and Trader Joe's for some more snackings and supplies for Wanda's famous margaritas.

Day 7 soon!!!

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01 October 2012

Our Life in Numbers

I like lists.  I like numbers.  And I like countdowns.  Let's put them all together, shall we?

108 days left of Aaron's Pilot Initial Qualification course

125 days (or sooner) until our 'arrive no later than' date to Japan

16 computer based training exercises Aaron needs to complete

6 training flights left

85 days until we see Rachael

75 amount of homemade dinners to make in the USA (approximately)

days until we see Aaron's parents

130 hours (approximately) left until Kacey finishes Rosetta Stone Japanese

4 suitcases to pack

2 vehicles to sell

1 cat to annoy

Also, if you're into applesauce, check out a recent post called Applesauce at my kitchen!

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19 September 2012

TV Series

How often do you get into a conversation with someone about what shows they are watching.  Pretty freaking frequently right?  Right.  Watching a series is terrific, but when it comes to an end, it feels like loosing a limb (no, I'm sure that is not true at all).  What do you do with your time?  What do you watch next?  PANIC!  So I thought it would be good to share what I have watched since joining Netflix/Hulu.  I'm not going to write long reviews or detailed descriptions, but I'll put a sentence or two to encourage you to watch.

I got this idea after reading my friend's  Obsession Confession Sunday about her addiction to Mad Men.  So, thanks Jen!

You can also leave me a comment and I'll add it to the reader suggestion list.  I might even make a new page on this blog for future reference.  So, In no particular order, let's begin.

Law & Order: SVU, no explanation needed.  If a marathon is on (which is nearly every day), I  watch it as though my life depends on it.
30 Rock.  Cause it's funny as shit.  Episodes are short, and you don't need to watch them in order. 
Arrested Development.  It's not just a show, it's magical.  Your life will forever be changed because after watching this series, you'll be referencing and quoting this show on a regular basis.  And you'll feel bad for people who don't get it.
Brotherhood.  Irish gangsters in Rhode Island.  Politics.  Family.  Badassness.
Californication.  David Duchovny, you're such a mess. Lot's of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
Cheers.  Aaron and I couldn't watch this unless we were both watching it.  Hundreds of episodes, 11 seasons.  We lived in 2 different states before finishing the series.  It is constantly hilarious, and it was fun to watch for the first time 30 some years later.
Dead Like Me.  Girl gets killed by a toilet seat falling out of the sky, girl becomes a grim reaper.  Girl learns to adapt as a grim reaper working with other grim reapers.
Dexter.  Oh Dexter Morgan, you're such a good person killing those who deserve it.  Hottest serial killer ever. 
Doctor Who.  David Tennant, 10th doctor, and my favorite.  You  either know about Doctor Who or you don't.  It's up to you.
ER.  An oldie but goodie.  I've actually only seen up to season 10 or 11.  There are 15.
Flight of the Conchords.  Ridiculously humorous.  The End.
Frasier.  After Cheers, we recently started on Frasier.  So far we haven't been able to get into it like Cheers, but it's  still funny and since we committed so much time into Cheers, we are working on it.
Glee.  I was almost too embarrassed to list this, but I'm addicted to it.  It's  pretty impressive all these actors actually sing and dance.  It's a great show for young adults with the topics they cover, although I know more grownups that watch this.  Also, I'll watch anything with Jane Lynch in it.  That woman is fabulous.
Gossip Girl.  I still don't know why I like this show so much but I do.  Probably because it's SOO over the top.
Grey's Anatomy.  A guilty pleasure for sure.  A night time soap opera.  Total girl show.  I'm watching it right now as I type this.  It's a good show to multi-task with, which makes me feel better about watching it back to back. 
In Plain Sight.  A quick show and series.  Mary is awesome but her family is so fucked up.
Lost.  Obviously you've heard of this show, and I was one of those 'anti-lost' people.  It wasn't until the 4th season was out that I saw an episode.  I was hooked.  It was a stressful series.  And like every other Lost fan, I hated everyone involved after the series ended. 
Mad Men.  Pretty sure everyone who watches this wishes  they were  a character in this show.  At least we all wish we could smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey and bourbon during work.
My Boys.  Basically, I am P.J. and I my group of guy friends back and drinking beer  at my local bar.
NCIS.  Love this show.  It's another one that's constantly showing re-runs and could watch all day long.
New Girl.  Some people hate it.  Most people love it.  It's dumb and fun .  I also have the biggest girl crush on Zooey Deschanel and I want to believe she is like Jess in real life.  I also want to be best friends with her and live in their apartment.
OZ.  If you don't like graphic shows, this ain't for you.  But if you can stomach any (and I mean  ANY) type of prison scene, watch it.  It's really good.  I loved it.
The Office.  Basically if you have a television or internet, you have no excuse for not watching this.   Especially if you've ever worked in an office or knows someone that has.
Prison Break.  I swear I watched this show for more than Wentworth Miller.  The only thing I wish about this series was that it ended before it did.  It started getting ridiculous, but I was committed.  I may have cried once or twice also throughout the series.
Rome.  A great HBO series.  And it's HBO so there's boobs and sex and blood.
Up All Night.  I LOVE Christina Applegate, and I wish Will Arnett and her  were really married and living like this.  They are so perfect together.  And Maya Rudolph, oh my god, she's so crazy in this show.
Weeds.  A suburban family turned weed dealers.  It's one thing after a hundred .  Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin  is awkward and aggressive and great in this show.  She has no fucking idea what to do in any situation, and it's what makes this show great.
Carnivale.  1934.  Travel Carnival.  Oklahoma.  Freak Shows.  God.  Heaven & Hell.  Management.  I recommend this show to everyone.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  The original.  Another 'always on TV' TV show.  Can't stop won't stop.
Deadwood.  Timothy Olyphant + Ian McShane.  You need to watch this show  just to listen to the cursing.  It is seriously fucking impressive.  Not to mention, everything that happens in this series is badass.  Mega Badass.
Downton Abbey.  Oh the drama.  Drama, Drama, Drama.  And Maggie Smith.
Nip/Tuck.  There isn't anything or anyone Christian Troy and Sean McNamara won't do.  Seriously.  Oh, and apparently the show is about plastic surgery.  
Revenge.  I LOVE this show.  Rich bitches  who deserve all the revenge  that is being served to them.   And really, how do people look this good all the time.
Samantha Who?  Another great Christina Applegate one.  Oh cute girl with amnesia who wakes up a better person.
The Walking Dead.  Okay, some people might think that the zombie thing should be over and done.  But this show is really, REALLY good.  I haven't even finished the 2nd season yet, so no spoilers please!
United States of Tara.  Toni Collette plays Tara who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.  She's a 16 year old rebel, a 50's housewife, a Vietnam vet named Buck and more.  Oh, and Tara has a family.  And it's fucking funny, not to mention a just really well made show.
White Collar.  Matt Bomer, Matt Bomer.  Oh, and Matt Bomer.  Sorry sis, he's mine.

Okay, now it's your turn.  What shows are you watching?  What shows should I watch next?  Leave a comment below!

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