01 October 2012

Our Life in Numbers

I like lists.  I like numbers.  And I like countdowns.  Let's put them all together, shall we?

108 days left of Aaron's Pilot Initial Qualification course

125 days (or sooner) until our 'arrive no later than' date to Japan

16 computer based training exercises Aaron needs to complete

6 training flights left

85 days until we see Rachael

75 amount of homemade dinners to make in the USA (approximately)

days until we see Aaron's parents

130 hours (approximately) left until Kacey finishes Rosetta Stone Japanese

4 suitcases to pack

2 vehicles to sell

1 cat to annoy

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  1. I didn't even think about you selling your vehicle. For some reason that makes me feel kind of sad. And that making me feel kind of sad makes me feel kind of lame. But not lame: OMG you are so freaking close to living in freaking Japan!

  2. I am kind of sad also for having to sell my Jeepy. Do you wanna buy it? I'd feel much better knowing someone I know will love it. It's not lame at all.