06 June 2012

What the !?#@ Wednesdays, Week 3

Welcome to week #3 of the What the !?#@ Wednesdays series.  For the next 4 Wednesdays I will be posting a summary of the things that made me think (or say)..."What the !?#@" during the past week. Have you missed any What the !?#@ Wednesdays?  See week 1 & week 2. 

Okay, so this week might be a little, well...weak.  We are on vacation right now and I'm glad to say that this week didn't have very many "What the !?#@" moments.  That's how vacation should be, right?

Well, what I have to share today is more of a "Holy $#!^" moment rather than a What the !?#@ moment.  Don't worry, it's not really that confusing.

On Monday we headed out to Southern California and drove out to the Grand Canyon (first GC visit for both of us) and back to SoCal for some more vacationing.  Once we get home I'll share more details with you.

Now for the weekly feature.

Holy $#!^, it's huge of the week!!!
Sometimes I tend to syke myself up about things.  Take Niagra Falls for example. I know, everyone says I'm crazy.  But I guess I had this absurd image in my head.  When I got to the falls, I was like, "Oh man...that's all?"  I mean, I know they are huge, but for some reason I had another idea of what they should be.  

I do things like that a lot.

But the Grand Canyon.  It was really !?#@ing big.  Like enormous.  I didn't even want to take pictures because I knew they could never capture the, do I dare say GRANDNESS?  There is no way to describe how insane the Grand Canyon is.  It's endless.
Next up is...

Holy $#!^, I'm so !?#@ing out of shape of the week!!!
We were only at the Grand Canyon for a day and a half, and wanted to do a short day hike into the canyon.  Designated as a 'moderate hike' that would take 2-4 hours, it sounded good to us.  We knew we I was in no shape to hike anything too complicated.  Any hike into the canyon was gonna be a bitch to get back up...you're either going straight up or straight down.  

I knew what I was in for.  It was apparent after the first minute heading down that I'd be struggling up.  It was so worth it though, trust me.  Heading down was steep and slippery (dry dusty desert floor).  Heading up was steep and slippery.  On our way back up I struggled.  I must have apologized to Aaron about 50 times because I had to stop and catch my breath twice as many times.  I seriously have no idea how many times I uttered the words, "Holy $#!^ I'm so !?#@ing out of shape!"  It wasn't pretty.  Asides from just saying that, I think I was a good sport about it.  I was having fun.  I was a sweaty blob.  I was gasping for air.  And by the time we got half way up, I actually improved.  By the time we got to the top, I felt great.

Two days later my legs were still shaky and sore.  If my calves had an ass, the Grand Canyon would have totally kicked it.
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  1. When I first visited the Grand Canyon my reaction was to say "that's pretty !?#@ing grand!"

  2. Here is how the first conversation went:
    K - "Wow, this Canyon, it's so...."A - "Don't even.  Don't even say it."K - "It's so....Grand!"A - *Rolling Eyes*