04 January 2013

Resources for Living in Japan and Other Things

For the past 9 months or so, I've found myself doing research nearly every night about moving to Japan, living in Japan, communication to and from the US from Japan, and traveling throughout Asia.  I'd almost say it's become an addiction, but in the best way.  It's so exciting knowing that in less than 42 days we leave for Japan.

Lots of people are curious about our adventures and what Japan is going to do and mean for us.  I respond with 'everything'.

I've subscribed to dozens of blogs relating to Japan and have found hundreds of websites.  Some of my favorites or most useful, I've actually posted links to on my bloggy-blog here.  Look up, just below my header, you'll see a link for Resources.  Go ahead, click on it and explore if you are interested in what I've been researching.  Maybe you are looking for some tips on living in Japan too!  If you are, we should totally meet up for some coffee or tea or something.  Maybe at the Neco Cafe?  Because a cafe filled with cats is how all cafes should be.  Don't you agree?  And please, if you visit that Neco Cafe site, please use Google Translate to make it legible and read it.  The translation throughout the site is hilarious!

Anyway.  I like using my blogs as sort of record keeping...you know, for the stuff I want to share publicly and all.  I hope on updating more often, but you don't really want to hear about us 'hurrying up and waiting', do you?  Naawww.  But here's a quick followup:

We just got back from nearly 2 weeks visiting family on the east coast.  Aaron still has a few flights left.  We need to pack our suitcases this weekend.  We move out of our apartment next week.  We are homeless for about 3 weeks, although thankfully staying with family who is gracious enough to take not only us but our cat in for as long as we need.

In the meantime, I continue with my research addiction.  Tonight I found a few more blogs of interest, and thought I should share them here.

Just Hungry: My new go-to Japanese cooking blog for the basics.  I think this will help me reduce my 'learn how to cook all over again' time once I start shopping locally in Okinawa.  I appreciate the '100 Japanese Foods to Try at Least Once' list.

Just Bento: By the authors of Just Hungry.  I would really like to make Aaron fun bento lunches in the future.

Savory Japan: A beautiful site explaining who/what/where/why of Japanese food.  Some great recommended reading found here also.

Surviving In Japan: Anything you want to know, from how to ship lithium batteries to Japan, to Japanese tampons, to using your Japanese air conditioner.  Great lists with English/Kanji/Romaji words that I'll be bookmarking soon!

So...that's all I've got for tonight!


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