21 January 2013

California & Grand Canyon Adventures, Part 10, Day 9

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I know, I know, it's about time to finish off this series, huh?    Well, for the last few days of our trip, we stayed with my cousin down in Orange County.  And just a few days before we arrived at her door, she calls to let me know she just broke her right leg/ankle.  Of course, I know NOTHING about that....and since she was living alone, up a flight of stairs, we were really happy we could be there to help her, especially that first week filled with doctors appointments and getting used to hobbling around in a cast.  If you've never experienced such a thing, let me tell you...it majorly sucks.

When we arrived, Soju (her monster cat) immediately fell in love with Aaron.

 These last few days were actually perfect.  We took it easy having well needed cousin time, and of course some beach time...about a mile from her house.  Life is rough folks...life is rough.

Although it was the beginning of June, the Pacific Ocean wasn't quite the temperature we wanted, but the beach and sun were perfect.  Technically, we did go in the ocean, about up to our ankles.  Sitting on the beach can get exhausting, so of course, we had to grab a burger...  

We were happy with the Shwack.  It's a casual beach type place in downtown Dana Point.  Show up in your bathing suit, order at the counter, grab a beer, sit outside, and enjoy. Their burgers were delicious and the Shwack spuds were amazing!  Check out how crunchy they were!  Oh, and asides from fresh and delicious food, the prices were great too.  I like!

Next up was bringing the cuz to the doctors office.  Hitting in up early, we got a nice look at her bruises and swelling while she waited for some x-rays to verify the damage.  Looking at these pictures, I really liked those jeans...I wonder what happened to them...

Yup.  Definitely broken.  Super nice and twisted and definitely needing surgery.  All those little lines are where the doc showed us where the pins and screws would go.  Yikes!

At our second doc visit of the day.  Obviously Shannon's super stoked I'm taking a picture of her in this state.

My family is really, REALLY good at working up an appetite.  Shannon took me out to South of Nick's which is another great food spot.  Nice modern and warm decor, we grabbed a table, and shoveled delicious food into our faces.  Both of us were super stoked about our choices here.  I recommend!  At this point, I felt a little bad about leaving Aaron home and him not enjoying this great meal...obviously I got over it though.

When we got home...the monster had gotten him again...

We had a blast during our California vacation, and while we were there, we planned to have me fly back out with my cat and stay for a month to help Shannon out after her surgery.  Aaron was going to be away in training, so it worked out perfect!  Maybe I'll do a short little series on that trip.  It was so awesome to be able to spend a whole month with my cousin, and we were amazed that not even ONCE did we want to strangle each other!!!

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  1. You were the very best nurse a broken girl could hope for! Love you, Cuz!

  2. Oh! And Soju says "Hi!"