07 September 2012

I'm a Winner! The Basket of Random Awesomeness Has Arrived!!!

A few months ago I entered a 1/2 Blogiversary Giveaway over at Whitfield Awesome.  The randomly chosen winner was going to receive a basket of random awesomeness.  Awesome!  But what was even more awesome, was when the winners were announced, WA decided to have 5 winners instead of just one. Of course, that didn't matter for me, because I was the Grand Prize Winner!

That's right.  That means the giveaway was even more awesome, and apparently the contest wasn't even rigged!  So I'm awesome, Whitfield is awesome, and I got an awesome basket of random awesomeness.  Wanna see?  Of course you do!

I ran out of the apartment for just a second, and apparently in that second, the UPS driver drove up to the deadend parking lot, walked up to my apartment, knocked a few times, left this note, then walked my package to the office without me seeing.  Super stealth UPS person we've got here in Altus.

So, I had ordered a few things over the past week or two, but none that should have been sent UPS, so I was really curious.  In fact, I forgot all about winning the WA giveaway.  Not that I forgot about Whitfield, or Whitfield Awesome, or me being awesome enough to win a prize.  It's just that when I won, I was in the process of moving, so WA decided to hold my winnings until I moved.  You know, so no one intercepted and stole my prize and all.  Well, I moved, and then I didn't have a (permanent) place to live for a few weeks.  Then I found a place to live, and then I had to still share that address with friends and family.  So, I was a bit distracted.
The box was wrapped in this really cool tape.
Inside was this really cool cardboard card with a bunch of antique photos of old (and young) folks.  I think Jen printed it herself, although I can't be sure.  I really like the idea of cardboard cards, it might be my new thing.
And...boom boom POW!  It's our thing.
Cat stickers, because Jen knows how I'm a crazy cat lady. (Psst....she is too though.)
A present wrapped in a present....what could it be?
A glossy white owl candle holder with diamond eyes!!!! OWL!!!!
A crazy clutch!
With poms! I'm going to carry this around all the time!  It's going to be the most girly thing I ever carried ever and I'm going to love it!
Lotion so my soft luscious hands can carry the crazy clutch!
If I have soft hands, I need to have pretty nails too of course!
Tasty treat for Sammy cat...we'll try them later...
Most amazing earrings I think I've ever owned.  This are so bad ass chic it's awesome.  Spider jewelry is totally were it's at.
Really awesome bracelet.  I'm not sure what this style of knots/rope/bracelet is called, but I really dig it.  It's also hard to tell in the picture, but it's a mustard yellow with bling, and mustard yellow is my thing now.  I could see wearing this every day, leaving it on all the time, and I like that about jewelry.
I think these are those ribbon hair ties that aren't supposed to tug or leave creases.  I think I've seen them in magazines and online, but haven't seen them in stores.  Although, I don't see much in stores here in Altus, but then again I don't see many stores in Altus.  I like these colors, they are fun!
An awesome 'appetizer tray'. Well, it says appetizer on the back, but I think I'm going to use it on my dresser for my earrings and hair ties and stuff like that.
See how nice it looks?
Scented nail polish.  With cupcakes on them.  Because we all know I love cupcakes.  And I can't handle my nails without polish on them.  So these are pretty much perfect.  My favorite color is the teal, but I like the pink and purple for my toes!  Oh...yellow for summer in Japan would be awesome too!!!
And cause no one likes to hunt for their keys, I've got TrophyKeys.
The moose is my favorite.  No, the buffalo, no the ram.  No, the buffalo.  Nopes, the bear.  Actually, no, the buffalo is my favorite.  Yup.
And this is all my loot!!! And I'm so excited about it all...I mean, check it out! It's all awesome!
Thanks Whitfield Awesome! You are awesome!

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  1. "sandpaper kisses" best sticker ever. Whitfield Awesome=awesome beyond awesome!