17 September 2012

California & Grand Canyon Adventures, Part 6, Day 5

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After driving through Joshua Tree National Park, we headed straight to Aaron's Aunt & Uncles house on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California.  Holy crap that place is beautiful!  We stayed with them for a few days and had a great time.  I had only met them once before, during Aaron's graduation from pilot training, so it was great to be able to spend some time getting to know each other in a slightly calmer time.  Below are shots from our first full day with them.

 We were out the door by 10am and headed straight to the The Grove in L.A.  Its got something for everyone, shopping, restaurants, bars, farmers market, market shops, market eats.  We browsed for quite a while just staring at everything.  We were all getting pretty hungry looking at all this food, but we knew we were going someplace special next.

 Pink's of course!  Neither of us had been, so there was no question about going there on this trip.
We probably waited only about 15 mintues in line, and it went really quick.  It took me that whole time to figure out what I was going to get.  Every time I thought I made up my mind, I'd see another sign for a different hot dog.  I was leading our group, and per house rules, only 1 person should order for your entire group.  The pressure was on.  We had 4 hot dogs, so with special requests, onion rings, fries, and 4 drinks.  Even with Jim's video camera rolling, I rattled of our order without a problem. And let me tell you, 4 dogs is nothing for these cooks, they don't write a thing down, there are a dozen of them back there dancing around each other for toppings, and never once, during our whole time in line, did I hear anyone getting the order wrong.  It was fun to watch them.
 Our platter.  From left to right: Spicy Polish Chicago Dog (Wanda), The Ozzy (Me), The Mayor (Aaron), and The New Yorker (Jim).
 We also got onion rings (which were freaking fabulous), sauerkraut, and fries to share.
 A big slutty mess of pork.  Yeah, I said it.
 Shoving my face in it.  This was the first bite, so I wasn't a complete mess yet.
 After we shoveled down delicious hotdogs, we headed uptown to Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, and to another great touristy-L.A.-must-do, Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
 Then of course Rodeo Drive.  Wanda and I had fun walking into a few select stores that allowed us in (and completely ignored us - I'm sure they couldn't smell money on us.), we also picked out some of our favorite items and tried guessing how much they were.  Apparently I have cheap taste, because I found a few of the only dresses costing less than $3,000.  Also, I found a cheap pair of shades I'd love to have, for a measly $300.  I love sunglasses.  If I had ungodly amounts of money, I would definitely own tons and tons of shades.
All this rich people crap got us hungry again, so before heading back home, we stopped at El Cholo, which has been around since 1923.  Crazy!  I loved the seafood enchiladas and I loved the sign!!!
 We were crazy tired, and crazy stuffed, so the drive home was pretty quiet, and I think we all crashed.  After all, we had a whole other day planned of activities!!!  Check back soon for day 6!

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  1. Thank you for letting me travel vicariously through you. Gorgeous pics. Especially the hot dogs.