23 May 2012

What the !?#@ Wednesdays, Week 1

Welcome to the What the !?#@ Wednesdays series.  For the next 6 Wednesdays I will be posting a summary of the things that made me think (or say)..."What the !?#@" during the past week.

Some things may have made me laugh out loud, some may have had me shaking my head, and others...we'll, I'm not sure how to feel about them.  No mater what...they had me asking....What the !?#@.

What the !?#@ Quote of the Week:
"I wish there was a way to write a letter and send it to you online."
....What a great idea, maybe they can call it e-mail, you know, like, 'electronic mail'.  Get it?  Get it?... *sigh*

What the !?#@ Great Idea of the Week:
Russian man jumps in garbage chute to escape from girlfriend.
Source: BBC
Man jumps in chute on the 8th floor.  Man slides down to 5th floor. Man gets stuck.  Man cries for help.  Man has to be cut free.
What the !?#@ This Should Never Happen of the Week:
Arby's customer finds piece of finger in sandwich.
Really?  You're thinking Arby's?  Cause I'm thinking not.  Really...it was in his mouth.  I feel bad for this kid. I know he's traumatized.  I know this because this story reminds me of my own fast food experience.  If you're brave enough, read about it here.  I can barely think about it again, I'm getting so skeeved out right now talking about it.  Seriously...it has traumatized me.  I'm not kidding.  Ugh.  


Want to share your 'What the !?#@' moments?  Leave a comment below!!!

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  1. Yay! I'm looking forward to the next 6 Wednesdays. My recent 'What the !?#@' moments for this week: a turtle tried to eat my dead bird; a coworker asked me to drive her to get her free Whataburger after I had just told her that I had to stop and air up my deflating tire on the way to work. Yes, she has a car - she just doesn't like to move it from her primo parking space during the day. It's totally okay with her for me to lose my space though. (P.S. Did we ever discuss our mutual hatred for detached hair? It's one of my number one hates. So sorry about the taco.)

  2. Maybe you need to stake claim to your bird by maybe claiming a stake next to it. "I belong to Whitfield Awesome" or something of the sorts. That way the turtle knows better next time.

    Since when do turtles eat birds?  I need to catch up on my NatGeo time apparently.

    We probably never have discusses our mutual hatred of detached hair, because well....it horrifies us.  Let's just call that conversation covered at this point. What do you say?