24 March 2013

Toguchi Beach - Okinawa, Japan

It didn't take us too long to find a beach to explore.  Actually, it took us about a week, which really surprised me I didn't insist on going to one much, much sooner, but we were really so busy.  I guess that's what happens when you move to another country.  

Toguchi beach isn't too far away from our house, only about 6 miles, it still takes about 20 minutes due to traffic, slow speed limits, and insanely tiny roads to navigate and squeeze multiple cars through.  When you first arrive at the parking lot, there is a cafe (which we haven't tried yet) and a playground.  The playgrounds are different here, with cement slides and roller slides!  There were a bunch of families playing the day we went, so of course we avoided them and photos.  But I do want to go down the roller slide, so you'll get photos eventually.  Just past the playground are walking paths to the beach and some really nice picnic pavilions.

And something that made my day...seeing 2 cats playing on the beach.  You can see this guy running off with something in his mouth.  Cats are everywhere in Japan.  Literally, everywhere.  Some of them are in rough condition, but others are pretty cute and it's hard to remember that they are wild.
The tide was low when we arrived, and we saw many fishermen standing waaay out in the water, and families out harvesting seaweed.
There are numerous caves here, like on most of the island, and the rock formations are beautiful.
This beach is on the west side of the island, the East China Sea.
This photo doesn't show it, but the island is also COVERED in coral. Coral, coral EVERYWHERE!!!
Shrines and large tombs can be found everywhere on the island, on business property, on the side of the road, in peoples yards, and on base.  It'll be interesting to learn more about them.
Along the path are multiple places to stop and rest, and small yet beautiful picnic pavilions. This one here is way out on a point overlooking the sea.
On the other side of the parking lot, there is another walking path, stairs to the water, and different levels of grass to sit on and enjoy the outdoors.  See that big rock way in the back in the photo below?  Just past there is a quiet beach with finer sand and places to enjoy the water.
Here's some families out in the tidal pools collection sea weed and other things.
Oh, and don't take the hermit crabs!!!
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  1. So cool! Quite different from Pensacola Beach, huh?

  2. Slightly. There are lots of sandy-lay-in-the-sun-on-the-beach beaches also...but I think these corally and rocky ones are my favorite :) Well....is everything allowed to be my favorite?